Wilson Bela Team

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In the dynamic world of padel, the Wilson Bela Pro V2 stands out as an exceptional choice. Its diamond-shaped head strikes a perfect balance between power and control, allowing precise shots that keep opponents guessing. The comfortable grip ensures ease during intense matches, while the robust carbon fiber frame and Firm EVA core guarantee durability. Whether you’re an intermediate or advanced player, the Bela Pro V2 delivers power, comfort, and reliability on the padel court.

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Wilson Bela Team

Wilson Bela Team characteristics:

Core Material: The core of the Bela Team is made of low-density Eva foam. This foam provides cushioning and outstanding shock absorption, offering a blend of comfort and power.

Shaft Design: The shaft combines softness, grip, and comfort. It features a micro-perforation system on the surface to absorb moisture effectively.

Arrow-Grip System: The racket’s surface has an arrowhead pattern called the Arrow-Grip system. This design enhances feel and spin for the Bela Team.

Surface Material: The surfaces of this padel racket are made of braided fiberglass. This material provides better stability and exceptional responsiveness.

Weight and Balance: The Bela Team has a fairly high weight (370 grams) but maintains an average balance

Remember, the Bela Team was created for intermediate to advanced players seeking flexibility and maneuverability. It’s a signature racket associated with the famous player Fernando Belasteguin. Enjoy your game with this original and powerful racket!

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Wilson Padel History

Introduction and Early Years Wilson Sporting Goods, a well-established brand in various sports including tennis, entered the padel market to leverage its expertise in racket sports. Although primarily known for tennis and other sports, Wilson began developing padel equipment, applying its technological advancements and experience from other racket sports.

Technological Innovations Wilson quickly distinguished itself in the padel market by incorporating cutting-edge technology into its products. They used materials like carbon fiber and innovative design techniques to enhance racket performance, providing a balance of power and control suited for all levels of players. Their focus on ergonomics and player comfort has been a significant aspect of their product development.

Product Development Wilson’s padel product range includes rackets, balls, apparel, and accessories. Their rackets are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of players, from beginners to professionals. Notable models include the Wilson Blade and Wilson Pro Staff series, which are known for their durability and precision. The brand’s commitment to quality ensures that each product meets the high standards expected by players.

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