Wilson Bela Pro V2 2023

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Crafted and endorsed by the padel icon, Fernando Belasteguin, this racket is a game-changer for advanced players seeking power.

Belasteguin’s unwavering devotion to the sport is reflected in the Bela Pro v2, his chosen weapon for the toughest battles.

Meticulously co-designed by Belasteguin himself, this racket embodies his relentless pursuit of excellence. From the distinctive SpinEffect texture to the striking red finish, every detail reflects Belasteguin’s quest for perfection.

With features like a wider sweet spot, 3K Primero Carbon face, and SpinEffect technology, this racket empowers players to unleash their full potential. Plus, its detachable wrist cord.

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Wilson Bela Pro V2 2023

Wilson Bela Pro V2 2023, characteristics:

Shape and Balance:

The Wilson Bela Pro V2 has a diamond shape, which contributes to a balanced swing. This shape enhances both power and control, allowing for precise shots that can keep your opponent on their toes.


The racket’s comfortable grip size ensures ease and control during intense matches. A good grip is essential for maintaining top performance throughout extended play.

Power and Control:

The Wilson Bela Pro V2 strikes a brilliant balance between power and control. It provides high control while maintaining excellent shot power, making it ideal for thrilling match moments.

Comfort and Speed:

The well-instilled features and snug grip make the Wilson Bela Pro V2 pleasurable to use during continuous play. Its quick response allows for commendable speed and precise shots

Material and Durability:

Frame and Faces: The racket features a robust carbon fiber frame and faces, ensuring superior resistance to wear and tear. This durability holds up even under intense and continuous play.

Core: The Wilson Bela Pro V2 includes a Firm EVA core, providing excellent rebound properties while maintaining durability

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Wilson Padel History

Introduction and Early Years Wilson Sporting Goods, a well-established brand in various sports including tennis, entered the padel market to leverage its expertise in racket sports. Although primarily known for tennis and other sports, Wilson began developing padel equipment, applying its technological advancements and experience from other racket sports.

Technological Innovations Wilson quickly distinguished itself in the padel market by incorporating cutting-edge technology into its products. They used materials like carbon fiber and innovative design techniques to enhance racket performance, providing a balance of power and control suited for all levels of players. Their focus on ergonomics and player comfort has been a significant aspect of their product development.

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