Royal Padel Whip 2024


The Royal Padel Whip Polietileno stands as a pinnacle in the realm of padel rackets, offering an exquisite blend of power and control. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this model caters to players seeking a performance boost in every aspect of their game, whether it’s a fierce match or a casual session. With a round shape designed to provide a medium-soft feel, players can enjoy impeccable ball control even in the most intense situations.

The racket’s remarkable balance ensures stability and precision in every shot, while its ergonomic grip offers maximum comfort and control throughout prolonged matches. Constructed with top-quality materials like fiberglass and ultra-soft Polyethylene, this racket guarantees durability and reliability, making it an indispensable companion on the court. Experience the unmatched gameplay of the Royal Padel Whip2024 and elevate your padel.


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Royal Padel Whip 2024

Royal Padel Whip 2024

The Royal Padel Whip 2024 is a high-performance paddle designed for technical players seeking precision, control, and balanced power in every shot. Here are some key features:

Core: It features a quick-recovery polyethylene rubber core for comfort during play. The impregnation epoxy resin includes titanium dioxide, and the rubber is ultra-soft. The mold is specially designed for technical players, offering precision, control, and good power.

Frame: The frame is made of bidirectional fiberglass with carbon reinforcements. Additionally, it has an impact absorption system called “Absorption Shock” in the open heart of the paddle.

Surface: The surface has a “sandpaper effect” system that was tested during the 2022 season in competition, yielding excellent results in shot control.

Profile 38MM

Weight 360-380

Shape Rounded

Control 9/10

Power 7/10

Vibration Absorption 9/10

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Crafted with precision, the Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Polietileno 2023 stands as a testament to excellence in padel racket design. Its round shape and medium-soft feel offer players unmatched ball control and comfort during intense matches. The balanced construction ensures stability and precision in every shot, making it an ideal choice for those seeking control and finesse on the court. With its durable fiberglass frame and faces, paired with an ultra-soft Polyethylene core, this racket guarantees longevity and performance session after session. Whether you’re aiming to dominate the court or refine your skills, the Royal Padel RP 790 Whip Polietileno 2023 is your trusted companion for an elevated padel experience.

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Since 1991 Royal Padel Sportsystems has marketed the ROYAL PADEL paddle brand, one of the pioneers in Spain. In 1991 the first collection of Royal Padel padel rackets was presented, with only two brands in the market and a reduced collection of three models. Royal Padel Sportsystems began marketing the brand.

These first Royal Padel rackets were made of wood, heavy and with few features. It was in 1992 when the use of various types of rubber was adopted, combining them with glass fabrics and epoxy resin.

From that moment, the performance of the Royal Padel rackets improved significantly and it was the first important step to reach the padel rackets that we manufacture today.

Currently we have Royal Padel padel rackets of recognized prestige among the most experienced players in this country, the models of Royal Padel Whip padel rackets in both Foam and Eva, or medium models such as the RA or the incomparable Royal Pole padel racket for the most demanding. All these models have given Royal Padel a remarkable position among the best padel racket brands in the world.

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