Royal Padel 771 EFE Xtreme

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The Royal Padel RP 771 EFE Extrem 2023 emerges as a standout choice for expert and competition players, boasting a technical design optimized for superior performance on the Padel court. With its oversized format and diamond shape, this racket strikes an ideal balance between power and control, catering to players seeking an edge in their gameplay dynamics.

Crafted with a bidirectional carbon fiber double tubular frame and incorporating a shock absorption system in the open heart of the blade, the RP 771 EFE Extrem 2023 ensures both durability and resilience against impact forces. Its Eva rubber core provides a semi-hard touch, delivering a blend of control and power essential for precision shots and aggressive playstyles.

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Royal Padel 771 EFE Xtreme

Royal Padel 771 EFE Xtreme, characteristics:

Shape and Profile:

The RP 771 EFE Xtreme features a diamond shape and a 38mm profile, providing excellent power for players who need more force in their shots. Its oversized format enhances powerful performance.

Material and Durability:

Constructed with a double tubular carbon fiber frame, the RP 771 EFE Xtreme offers great durability and resistance. The Eva foam core delivers a semi-hard touch, allowing exceptional control in every movement. The combination of carbon materials ensures versatility and balance, offering both power and control.

Impact Absorption System:

The “Shock Absorption” system in the racket reduces vibrations caused by ball impact, enhancing comfort and helping prevent possible injuries, such as elbow (epicondylitis) and shoulder issues.

Maneuverability and Comfort:

With an adjustable weight range between 355 and 385 grams, the RP 771 EFE Xtreme provides optimal maneuverability on the court. The polyethylene material used in its manufacturing ensures an impact-absorbing touch, guaranteeing greater comfort during play.

Modern Design:

The RP 771 EFE Xtreme stands out with its modern and elegant black and red design. This racket not only enhances performance on the court but also ensures you look stylish while playing. The comfortable grip handle improves playability and control during extended matches, while the aerodynamic design facilitates swift maneuverability. Additionally, the high-quality carbon construction of both the frame and faces ensures long-lasting durability, making the RP 771 EFE Xtreme a reliable companion for intense gameplay sessions.

In conclusion, the Royal Padel RP 771 EFE Xtreme 2023 exemplifies innovation and performance in padel rackets. Its blend of power, control, comfort, and durability elevates the game for any player seeking a competitive edge on the padel court.

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Since 1991 Royal Padel Sportsystems has marketed the ROYAL PADEL paddle brand, one of the pioneers in Spain. In 1991 the first collection of Royal Padel padel rackets was presented, with only two brands in the market and a reduced collection of three models. Royal Padel Sportsystems began marketing the brand.

These first Royal Padel rackets were made of wood, heavy and with few features. It was in 1992 when the use of various types of rubber was adopted, combining them with glass fabrics and epoxy resin.

From that moment, the performance of the Royal Padel rackets improved significantly and it was the first important step to reach the padel rackets that we manufacture today.

Currently we have Royal Padel padel rackets of recognized prestige among the most experienced players in this country, the models of Royal Padel Whip padel rackets in both Foam and Eva, or medium models such as the RA or the incomparable Royal Pole padel racket for the most demanding. All these models have given Royal Padel a remarkable position among the best padel racket brands in the world.

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