Nox Pro Overgrip Perforated White


The Nox Pro Overgrip in perforated white is a must-have for serious padel players. Designed for comfortdurability, and performance, this pack of three overgrips offers several benefits: superior gripreduced vibrationprofessional quality, and a clean aesthetic. Upgrade your game with the Nox Pro Overgrip. Order yours today and experience the difference!

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Nox Pro Overgrip (Pack x 3) Perforated White is a professional-quality overgrip designed for padel players.

Grip and Elasticity: The overgrip provides an excellent grip and exceptional elasticity, ensuring maximum comfort during play.

Reduced Injuries: It helps reduce injuries and discomfort in the elbow caused by vibrations.

Color: The overgrip comes in a clean white color.

Pack Size: Each pack includes three perforated overgrips.

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