Bullpadel Next Pro V23 Grey


The Bullpadel Next Pro W 23V Grey Padel Shoe is tailored for female players seeking breathability, lightweight design, and stellar stability on the court. Crafted to meet the demands of padel, it ensures agility and durability for players of all levels.

Engineered with an innovative rotation disc, these shoes empower swift turns, allowing players to execute unexpected maneuvers effortlessly. Reinforced toes and durable construction promise long-lasting performance, making them reliable even during intensive play.

Combining premium materials with advanced technology, the Bullpadel Next Pro W 23V Grey prioritizes comfort, stability, and durability. From the breathable upper to the sturdy outsole, every feature is meticulously crafted to enhance your confidence and performance on the court. Elevate your game with these top-tier padel shoes.



Bullpadel Next Pro V23 Grey

Hybrid Sole: The Next Pro W 23V features a hybrid sole that combines studs and a spike, providing excellent traction on the padel court. Whether you’re making quick turns or moving laterally, these shoes have got you covered.

Breathable Mesh Upper: The mesh fabric design ensures better perspiration and breathability, keeping your feet comfortable during intense matches.

Stability and Support: The innovative support arc system provides greater stability, while the TPU stabilizer in the central part helps prevent foot twisting during movement.

Cushioning: The Lateral Movement technology enhances cushioning, reducing the impact of each movement.

Rotox System: The Rotox system improves grip during turns and dynamic movements.

Durable Construction: The rubber toe cap adds resistance to wear, ensuring longevity.

Seamless Design: The seamless construction prevents chafing and irritation, allowing you to focus on your game.

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Shoes Size

Eur 37 UK 4 Foot Length 231 mms, Eur 38 UK 5 Foot Length 238, Eur 38.5 UK 5,25 Foot Length 241 mms, Eur 39 UK 5,5 Foot Length 245 mms, Eur 40 UK 6,5 Foot Length 252 mms