Babolat Court x 3


Babolat Court X3 offers superior quality and durability, approved by the International Padel Federation and FFT. Crafted as a pressure ball, it ensures consistent bounce and resilience, comprising felt and rubber for optimal playability. Manufactured in Thailand, it’s the ideal choice for both casual games and competitive tournaments.

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Babolat Court X3 is a high-quality padel ball approved by the International Padel Federation (IPF).

Comfort and Durability: The Court X3 is designed to provide both comfort and durability during intense padel matches. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this ball aims to enhance your playing experience.

Homologation: The Court X3 has received homologation from the IPF and FFT (French Tennis Federation), ensuring its compliance with official padel standards.

Type of Ball: It is a pressure ball, which means it maintains consistent bounce and responsiveness throughout the game.

Composition: The Court X3 features a combination of felt and rubber materials, striking a balance between playability and longevity.

Origin: These padel balls are made in Thailand.

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