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The HEAD PADEL PRO balls, trusted by professional players and used in top-tier tournaments, offer exceptional control and durability. Crafted for consistent performance, these balls deliver precision and extended playability on the court. Whether you’re competing or enjoying a friendly match, the HEAD PADEL PRO ensures quality and reliability for your padel game.

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Head Padel Pro

Control and Durability: The Head Padel pro balls have an excellent reputation for control and extended durability. They’re a premium choice for discerning padel players who seek consistent performance on the court.

Player Trust: Not only are these balls trusted by the professional circuit, but they’re also a model selected by the players themselves. Their consistent quality makes them a top-tier option for serious padel enthusiasts.

Widely Used: Padel Pro is undoubtedly the most well-known ball in the professional World Padel Tour circuit. It’s a testament to their performance and reliability.

These are the official balls of the World Padel Tour and the Spanish Padel Federation.

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Choosing the Right Padel Ball: Padel Pro vs. Padel Pro S

As you explore the world of padel, you’ll encounter various high-quality padel balls. Let’s compare the two best-selling options: the Padel Pro and the Padel Pro S.

  • Padel Pro and Padel Pro S: These balls are the gold standard in padel. They are the official balls of professional tournaments, and players at all levels trust them.
  • The Difference: The Padel Pro and  Padel Pro S are nearly identical, except for one key feature—the Pro S has more bounce. So, which one should you choose?

Fast Conditions:

If you’re playing in a location with high altitude, such as the mountains, the low atmospheric pressure will make the ball bounce more. In hot, dry conditions, the Padel Pro is also a great choice.

Slow Conditions:

If you’re near sea level or playing in humid or cooler weather, opt for the Padel Pro S. It provides extra power and speed.

Mixed Conditions:

Most of the time, we play in mixed conditions.

For instance:

In coastal cities with warm temperatures, the effects of sea level won’t significantly impact the ball’s bounce.
In colder climates, the ball may slow down due to temperature, but altitude can counteract this.
Indoor and outdoor play also affects conditions.

Your Preference Matters:

If you want precise control, go for the Padel Pro.

If you prefer power and efficient smashes, the Padel Pro S is your choice.

Try Both:

Our recommendation? Test both balls in similar conditions to find the one that suits your playing style!
Remember, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a passionate amateur, choosing the right padel ball can significantly impact your game.

Explore your options and make an informed decision!

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