Babolat Contact


The Babolat Contact stands out as the ideal racquet for beginners seeking fun and comfort. With its round shape and lightweight design, it offers exceptional maneuverability and a wide sweet spot for ease of play. Crafted with a hybrid frame, it combines the sturdiness of carbon with the flexibility of fiberglass, ensuring both durability and playability. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking a casual padel experience, the Babolat Contact promises an enjoyable journey into the world of this exciting sport.

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Babolat Contact

Babolat contact, characteristics:

Round Shape: The Babolat Contact sports a round shape, which optimizes balance and makes the racket extremely manageable in various situations

Tolerance and Comfort: With its centered and wide sweet spot, the Babolat Contact offers excellent tolerance and ease in returning each ball. Its lightweight design allows for easier handling and faster learning.

Ideal for Beginners: This racket is comfortable and lightweight, making it a great first purchase for beginners. Easy to play with, it will seduce you with its tolerance and comfort on the court.

Fun and Forgiving: Padel is all about fun, and the Babolat Contact padel racket delivers just that. Its large sweet spot and forgiving face make it a must-try for beginners and casual recreational players.

Experience the joy of padel with the Babolat Contact, designed for beginners seeking comfort and ease on the court. Its round shape optimizes balance and makes it remarkably manageable, while its lightweight construction ensures effortless swings. The Contact 2024 features a wide sweet spot and forgiving face, providing excellent tolerance and making it ideal for newcomers and recreational players alike. Embark on your padel journey with confidence and discover the thrill of this accessible and engaging sport with the Babolat Contact as your trusted companion.

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The Babolat story begins with a family business and its first venture into the world of sport in 1875, when tennis and badminton were still in their infancy. The Lyon-based brand owed its early success and expertise to a raw material – natural gut – from which the first racquet strings were made. It subsequently became the leader in racquet-sports equipment – frames, strings, shoes, clothes, balls, grips, accessories, and bags – and technical equipment for racquet preparation professionals.  Building on its tradition of innovation in support of players and the game, Babolat rose up the rankings as the choice of champions playing at the world’s most prestigious badminton, tennis and padel competitions.

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