Vibora Pro Smooth Overgrips X3


The Vibora Pro Smooth Overgrips x3 White, a must-have accessory for any padel player. Designed to offer superior grip and comfort, these overgrips come in a pack of 3 units, ensuring you’re always prepared for your next match. The smooth texture and medium thickness of these overgrips provide a comfortable feel while effectively reducing vibrations during play, allowing you to maintain control and precision in every shot. Crafted with quality and durable materials.

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The Vibora Pro Smooth Overgrip x3 White overgrips are designed to enhance your padel game with a strong and dry grip.

Optimal Grip: These overgrips provide excellent grip and control during matches.

Medium Thickness: They strike a balance, ensuring you don’t lose tactile sensations.

Dry and Comfortable: Absorb sweat and keep your hands dry to prevent blisters.

Great Value: Available in blister packs of 3 units, they offer quality at an irresistible price.

The Vibora Pro Smooth x3 White overgrips offer a strong and dry grip, ensuring your hands stay dry and comfortable even during intense matches. Say goodbye to blisters and wounds and elevate your game with these essential accessories from the Vibora Padel collection.

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