Beginning and development of padel in Asia

Padel courts in Asia

Sport appeared in Asia

This sport started in Asia in 2013 with the construction of the first site for playing in Japan. In the same way, one year later, appeared in Singapore with the construction of the first padel court there. This confirmed the future development of this sport in Asia.

Subsequently, countries as Hong Kong, India and Thailand started their padel adventure with the construction of new courts in the region.

Certainly, the sector has had a good progress and more countries like China, Qatar and Arab Emirates constructed new places to enjoy the practice of this sport. It is also confirmed the construction of new padel courts in Asia which will further increase the practice of the sport.

Japan leadership in padel

Japan was the place of introduction of this sport in Asia and also the country which has constructed more places to play this sport. In 2016 the Japan Padel Association started their activities in this country. This Association is leading several tournaments in the country.

During these years several competitions have started in Asia. This is the case of Asian Padel Cup and Japan Padel Open amongst some others.

Our Company

The presence of Asia in the practice of the sport is confirmed through World Padel Tour. Several Asian players have participated in this well known competition. It is the case of Zhang Bohou (China) and Daisuke Shoyama (Japan)

Asia is a recent market and luckily this sport is expanding in the continent. More and more people are practicing the sport which aims to become as practiced as in Spain or Argentina.

As a result of this growth of the sport in Asia, our company has the objective of becoming the reference in the sector. Our activities will go from selling equipment to practice the sport to construction of courts. Asia Padel is born with the purpose of performing these activities in the whole Asia.