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Adipower Control Team is a high-performance racket, designed for advanced level players who prioritize control over power.

The Adipower CTRL Team racket comes in a round format with a low balance and a sweet spot in the center, which gives the player maximum control in each play.

It has a fiberglass surface, which provides the racket with flexibility and balance, as well as greater ball output and a softer, softer feel. The frame is made of carbon fiber, a material that gives rigidity and power to the racket.

It has a Soft Performance EVA foam core, a low-density foam, which provides greater comfort.

The Dual Exoeskeleton technology allows the player to hit each ball with all their energy, since the frame and heart of the racket are reinforced with double-height ribs.

The Power Embossed Ridge and Structural Reinforcement provide the racket with structural rigidity and resistance, which can be used in finishing.

The Spin Blade and Smart Holes Curve effect technology, which thanks to the roughness of the face of the racket, will facilitate achieving effects in each of the hits.

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