Wilson Pro Comfort Overgip


Wilson Pro Comfort Overgip is a must-have accessory for padel players seeking an enhanced grip experience. Designed with comfort in mind, this overgrip ensures a pleasant touch and minimizes discomfort during extended matches. Its added thickness improves control, allowing players to maintain a firm hold on their racket.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, the Wilson Pro Comfort Overgip provides the perfect balance of feel, durability, and style. Say goodbye to slippery grips and hello to a more enjoyable padel game!

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Wilson Pro Comfort Overgip Green

Wilson Pro Comfort Overgip

Wilson Pro Comfort Overgip:

Overgrips are essential accessories for padel rackets, enhancing feel, comfort, and control.


The overgrip significantly improves the player’s grip, making it more pleasant to the touch and comfortable. Whether you’re playing a short match or an extended session, this overgrip ensures a comfortable experience.


Without an overgrip, the thickness of the original grip may not be ideal for the player’s hand, potentially compromising control. The Wilson Pro Comfort Overgrip adds thickness, making the grip firmer and better suited to individual hand sizes. You can even layer multiple overgrips to achieve your preferred thickness.


Padel overgrips enhance your connection to the racket, providing a better sensation of the ball’s impact. When you strike the ball, the overgrip ensures that you feel more connected and in control.


Wilson Pro Comfort Overgrips contribute to the longevity of your racket. They protect against climate conditions and sweat, preventing damage over time. For hygiene reasons, it’s advisable to replace overgrips periodically.


On and off the court, style matters. Why not choose an overgrip that matches your racket or outfit? The Wilson Padel Comfort Overgrip allows you to express your personal style while enhancing performance.

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Wilson Padel History

Introduction and Early Years Wilson as well-established brand in various sports including tennis, entered the padel market to leverage its expertise in racket sports. Although primarily known for tennis and other sports, Wilson began developing padel equipment, applying its technological advancements and experience from other racket sports.

Technological Innovations Quickly distinguished itself in the padel market by incorporating cutting-edge technology into its products. They used materials like carbon fiber and innovative design techniques to enhance racket performance, providing a balance of power and control suited for all levels of players. Their focus on ergonomics and player comfort has been a significant aspect of their product development.

Product Development Wilson’s padel product range includes rackets, balls, apparel, and accessories. Their rackets are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of players, from beginners to professionals. Notable models include the Wilson Blade and Wilson Pro Staff series, which are known for their durability and precision. The brand’s commitment to quality ensures that each product meets the high standards expected by players.

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