Royal Padel 850 Pure

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The Royal Padel Pure 850 is a 100% Carbon racket with a diamond shape and central anti-vibration beam.

Made with high-quality materials and features, it offers excellent value for money and durability. Suitable for all types of players aiming to reach their maximum level.

With a large sweet spot, excellent control, easy playability, and good power.

Featuring a Carbon Fiber frame, with a Soft Eva core and central anti-vibration beam, it incorporates a rough surface to improve ball contact.

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Royal Padel 850 Pure 

Shape and Balance Royal Padel 850 Pure:

Shape and Balance:

The Royal Padel 850 Pure features a diamond shape, allocating more weight toward the head to enhance power while maintaining control. Its high balance makes it ideal for attacking players, with a smaller sweet spot located at the top of the racket.

Grip Convenience:

The standard grip size fits snugly in hand, promoting better control during intense matches and ensuring high playability over extended durations.

Power and Control:

The RP 850 Pure 2023 excels in balancing power and control. Its diamond shape delivers more power while still offering the right amount of control. Whether playing defensively or attacking, this racket performs efficiently.

Swiftness and Comfort:

Designed for comfort, the RP 850 Pure 2023 feels right in your hand. Its precise design and ergonomic grip enhance swift responses, providing a compatible blend of speed and accuracy during your games.

Material and Durability:

The frame, constructed with carbon, ensures high-impact resistance and durability. The racket faces also feature carbon, providing strength and resilience. The interior core, made of EVA Soft material, offers good rebound behavior and excellent ball speed control.

In conclusion, the Royal Padel 850 Pure stands out for its powerful performance, control, comfort, and durability, making it a top choice for players seeking to elevate their game.

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Royal Padel’s History Since 1991

Founding and Early Years (1991-1992)
Royal Padel Sportsystems introduced the ROYAL PADEL paddle brand in 1991, making it one of the pioneering padel brands in Spain. At its inception, the market had only two brands and Royal Padel offered a modest collection of three models. These initial rackets were constructed from wood, which made them heavy and limited in performance.

Innovations and Development (1992 onwards)
In 1992, Royal Padel began to innovate by incorporating various types of rubber, along with glass fabrics and epoxy resin. This significant change improved the performance of their rackets, marking the first major advancement toward the high-quality padel rackets the brand is known for today.

Establishing a Prestigious Reputation
Over the years, Royal Padel has built a reputation for producing top-tier padel rackets. Their models are highly regarded by experienced players. Notable lines include the Royal Padel Whip, available in both Foam and Eva versions, and the RA series, as well as the distinctive Royal Pole padel racket designed for the most demanding players. These models have cemented Royal Padel’s status as one of the leading padel racket brands globally.

Continued Excellence
Royal Padel continues to innovate and develop their product range, maintaining a significant position in the market by consistently meeting the needs and expectations of professional and amateur players alike. The brand’s commitment to quality and performance has ensured its lasting presence and respect in the world of padel sports.

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