Munich PADX 40


Munich Padx 40, a top choice for female padel players seeking both durability and performance on the court. These shoes feature an upper with injected TPU for abrasion resistance, while the X-Lite Padel technology in the midsole ensures lightweight cushioning and smooth landings. The mixed tread pattern sole provides excellent grip, and the technical fabric upper offers lasting comfort. Explore the latest in padel footwear with the Munich Padx 40!


Munich PADX 40

The Munich PADX 40 women’s padel shoes are designed for durability and performance on the court. Here are some key features:

Upper Durability: The Pad X model features an upper with injected TPU that provides abrasion resistance in high-impact areas, particularly around the instep.

X-Lite Padel Technology: The X-Lite technology in the midsole offers excellent cushioning, lightweight feel, and smooth landings during sudden movements. An anti-shock insert in the heel provides additional cushioning, and the lace closure ensures a customizable fit.

Mixed Tread Pattern Sole: The sole has a mixed tread pattern with various textures, including a small double-herringbone design that optimizes both grip and mobility angles.

Technical Fabric Upper: The upper is made from high-quality technical material.

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Munich Sports: A Journey Through Innovation and Excellence in Padel

Origins and Early Development

Founded in 1939 in Spain, Munich Sports began as a family-owned business specializing in handcrafted athletic footwear. Originally focused on producing high-quality shoes for football, handball, and boxing, the brand quickly established itself as a leading name in sportswear.

Diversification and Entry into Padel

As padel grew in popularity, Munich Sports diversified its product range to include padel rackets and equipment. The brand’s commitment to innovation and quality made it a natural fit for the dynamic world of padel. Munich Sports applied its expertise in athletic footwear to the design and manufacture of top-tier padel shoes and equipment, quickly gaining recognition in the padel community.

Innovation and Technological Advancements

Munich Sports has consistently been at the forefront of technological advancements in padel. The brand invests heavily in research and development to create products that enhance performance and provide superior comfort. Munich’s padel rackets are known for their cutting-edge materials and construction techniques, such as:

  • X-Light Technology: Lightweight frames that provide exceptional maneuverability and speed without compromising durability.
  • Eva Soft Core: High-performance core materials that offer excellent rebound and ball control, catering to players of all skill levels.
  • Carbon Fiber Construction: Using high-quality carbon fiber in their rackets ensures strength, precision, and longevity.
Signature Models and Player Endorsements

Munich Sports has developed a range of signature padel rackets and shoes, each designed to meet the specific needs of different types of players. From power-oriented models to those emphasizing control and finesse, Munich’s product lineup is versatile and comprehensive. The brand also collaborates with professional players to refine and perfect its equipment, ensuring that it meets the demands of high-level competition.

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Eur 37 UK 4 Foot Length 231 mms, Eur 38 UK 5 Foot Length 238, Eur 39 UK 5,5 Foot Length 245 mms, Eur 40 UK 6,5 Foot Length 252 mms