Head Speed Pro


The Head Speed Pro is an extraordinary padel racket that combines innovative design with top-quality materials, delivering a superb playing experience on the court. With its teardrop shape, this racket strikes the perfect balance between control and power, providing stability during play and making every strike feel secure and controlled. The grip is incredibly comfortable, fitting snugly into the hand for optimal control even during intense games. The high-end materials used, including a sturdy composition of carbon and graphene for the frame, ensure exceptional durability and performance.


Head Speed Pro

The Head Speed Pro is a top choice for advanced padel players!

Auxetic Technology: The Speed Pro features advanced Auxetic technology, resulting in a softer and more sensational feel. This enhances the connection between player and racquet.

Weight: While the Zephyr UL is lightweight at 340 grams, the Speed Pro is slightly heavier. However, both aim for maneuverability and control.

Hybrid Hitting Surface: The Speed Pro incorporates a hybrid hitting surface made with woven carbon and fiberglass. This combination provides a balance of power and control.

Soft Butt Cap: Both rackets prioritize comfort and touch with their soft butt caps.

Design: The Speed Pro boasts a fresh design with copper accents, while the Zephyr UL has its own distinctive look.

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Advanced players will appreciate the Auxetic technology integrated into the Head Speed Pro, which enhances power and delivers a sensational impact feel. This racket also features a hybrid hitting surface made with woven carbon and fiberglass, along with a new Soft Butt Cap for improved feeling and touch. Weighing 5 grams less than its predecessor, it offers excellent maneuverability and a generous sweet spot for a high degree of error tolerance. With its fresh, distinctive design, copper accents, and a matt and glossy finish, the Head Speed Pro stands out as an ideal blend of power and control, perfect for both casual and competitive padel players.

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SHAPE: Teardrop

WEIGHT:370 g / 13.1 oz

HEAD SIZE:465 cm² / 72 in²

BALANCE:270 mm / 1.7 in

HHBEAM:38 mm / 1.5 in

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