Babolat Counter Veron 2024


In the realm of padel, mastering the art of defense is key. The Babolat Counter Veron 2024 rises to the challenge, offering precision and power for advanced players seeking to control the game. Crafted with a round shape and head-heavy balance, this racket ensures exceptional control and forceful shots without compromising agility. Featuring a Carbon Flex frame and faces, it guarantees unmatched rigidity and durability, complemented by the Black EVA core for a balanced, medium feel. From the backcourt to the net, the Counter Veron excels, forgiving off-center hits with its broad sweet spot and delivering pinpoint accuracy in aggressive exchanges.

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Babolat Counter Veron 2024

Babolat Counter Veron 2024, characteristics:

Shape and Balance:

  • The racket has a round shape, which provides exceptional control.
  • Its balance leans towards a head-heavy bias, allowing for forceful shots without sacrificing agility.

Materials and Construction:

  • The Babolat Counter Veron 2024 features a Carbon Flex frame and faces. This combination ensures unmatched rigidity and durability, giving players a solid feel with each stroke.
  • The Black EVA core complements the structure, providing a medium feel that balances responsiveness and comfort.

Feel and Handling:

  • On the court, this racket delivers a seamless blend of power and precision.
  • It offers a medium feel, allowing for intuitive touch and decisive shot-making.
  • Maneuverability is a highlight, making it easy to position and defend against powerful shots.

On-Court Experience:

  • From the Back of the Court: The broad sweet spot forgives off-center hits, empowering consistent returns. Its control-oriented nature facilitates strategic play from a distance.
  • At the Net: The head-heavy balance makes it reliable in aggressive volley exchanges, and the enhanced sweet spot allows pinpoint accuracy.
  • On Offensive Plays: Whether driving overhead smashes or placing deft drop shots, the Babolat Counter Veron remains a steadfast partner.

In the competitive landscape of Padel, the Babolat Counter Veron 2024 emerges as a sophisticated weapon for defensive strategists. Its round shape and head-heavy balance provide exceptional control and forceful shots, while the Carbon Flex construction ensures durability and a solid feel. On the court, it offers a seamless blend of power and precision, facilitating intuitive touch and decisive shot-making. Whether at the back of the court or the net, this racket empowers players to dictate the flow of the game with poise and tactical efficiency, making it a top choice for those prioritizing command and control.

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The Babolat story begins with a family business and its first venture into the world of sport in 1875, when tennis and badminton were still in their infancy. The Lyon-based brand owed its early success and expertise to a raw material – natural gut – from which the first racquet strings were made. It subsequently became the leader in racquet-sports equipment – frames, strings, shoes, clothes, balls, grips, accessories, and bags – and technical equipment for racquet preparation professionals.  Building on its tradition of innovation in support of players and the game, Babolat rose up the rankings as the choice of champions playing at the world’s most prestigious badminton, tennis and padel competitions.

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