Adidas Pro Tour 3.2

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The Adidas ProTour 3.2, padel racket bag is a must-have for serious padel players. Designed with both style and functionality in mind, this bag offers ample space to carry up to 11 rackets. The two thermal pockets ensure your rackets stay at the right temperature, while the dedicated shoe compartment keeps your footwear separate. Four additional pockets allow you to organize smaller items effectively. Whether you’re a professional player or a passionate enthusiast, the ProTour 3.2 bag combines practicality and durability. Available in a sleek black and orange design, it’s part of the 2024 collection. Elevate your padel game with this high-quality racket bag!

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Adidas Pro Tour 3.2

Adidas Pro Tour 3.2, characteristics of this padel racket bag:

Design and Color: The Adidas ProTour 3.2 bag features a stylish design in black and orange tones.

Capacity: It can hold up to 11 rackets.

Thermal Pockets: The bag includes two thermal pockets specifically designed to store rackets.

Shoe Compartment: There’s a dedicated pocket for shoes.

Additional Pockets: Four separate small pockets allow you to organize smaller objects.

Gender: Unisex design.

Collection: Part of the 2024 collection.

Whether you’re a professional player or a passionate padel enthusiast, the Adidas Pro Tour 3.2 bag offers both functionality and style for your padel gear!

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